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Sandwich Boardwalk

About Us

Artist Gallery Online is headquartered on lovely Cape Cod. We're located in the town of Sandwich and this photo is of the famous Sandwich Boardwalk. The boardwalk meanders through the marsh and ends at the Cape Cod Bay. It is located very close to the Cape Cod Canal, an incredible engineering feat.

Artist Gallery Online was founded by Dennis Daudelin, a Cape-born resident. He has been creating web site designs for artists and small businesses for over 10 years. He is passionate about every artist and small business having their own web site. Of course, this is easier said than done!

Over the years, Dennis's customers have expressed a strong desire to modify and change their own web sites at their leisure.

As a skilled Internet programmer, Dennis has built standalone tools enabling his customers to modify sections of their web sites. Sometimes it has been a photo gallery, other times it has been a blog and almost everyone has wanted some way to update their page content.

After creating these standalone tools over the years, it started looking like it would be possible to bundle these tools together to build an entire web site. This idea has produced the Artist Gallery Online service.

You can now take advantage of his years of experience and not only build your own web site but have the ability to update it at any time!


Artist Gallery Online